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May 19th, 2020
Online Meetings

The only B2B One to One event dedicated to innovation that you can attend from anywhere in the world.

From your office
remote location
In meeting room
Wherever you want!

Join the global innovation!


At a time of great change in innovation strategies to better meet society’s expectations in terms of digital, energy and ecological transition affecting all sectors of an increasingly globalised economy, we aim to offer you a new generation of online events.
With this goal in mind, we created Online Meetings Innovate: the only event dedicated to innovation that you can take part in wherever you are in the world.

We guarantee:

  • Highly targeted communication powered by AI to find you the very best prospects to meet
  • ROI guaranteed through low participation costs, no travel or accommodation costs, etc.
  • You will meet prospects that you would not find anywhere else: 70% of decisions-makers never actually travel to professional trade shows
  • An incomparable carbon footprint: no travel or stand assembly, etc.

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A Premium event dedicated to final decision-makers


  • Key stakeholders in innovation and R&D: start-ups, SMEs offering ground-breaking solutions, research and development centres, technical centres, innovation consultancy, investors...
  • 100 senior decision-makers from all business sectors: Technical Director, Scientific Director, Head of R&D, Industry Manager, Company Director, Innovation Procurement Manager...

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Among the professionals who participate


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Focus on qualified leads without having to travel


You have an innovative offer and are looking for new economic, industrial or financial partners.

You are looking for innovative solutions or solutions to support innovation.

  • Meet targeted decision-makers via our search engine’s AI
  • Go and conquer new markets: at our events 96% of the participants identify new partners
  • Optimise your time and that of your teams: invite your colleagues to specific meetings without anyone having to travel anywhere
  • Enhance your brand image by taking part in environmentally friendly events
  • Take stock of market developments by supporting our online conferences

Key figures


  • 300 Professionals from all over the world
  • 1,500 Online business meetings
  • 10 Webinars to share with your colleagues

Conferences led by experts



HUBERT Alexandre


LANGEVIN Christian


Grégory LIDIN

Creative Eurecom



François FEUGEAS


Discover the conference program

9.50am - 10.10am : Equipment As A Service to preserve and develop your business and that of your customers

The description of the general principles and implementation of this new "EaaS" model will answer the priority questions posed by many business leaders in the midst of the VIDOC experience19:

- How can my industrial SME/ETI remain competitive and resilient in an increasingly unstable, competitive and unpredictable economic context?

- Why and how can I offer my equipment in the form of services while guaranteeing the expected performances?

- How to preserve my cash flow while investing in innovation and more particularly in my digital strategy?

- How can I launch an efficient and risk-free digital strategy without any expertise and experience in this field?

10.40am - 11.00am : Manage your Innovation faster and more effectively
Despite companies consider future through Innovation, 80% of new products do not reach their market. We will show the reasons of this failure, the best practices to be followed to avoid it, and their use through our digital solution.
2.50pm - 3.10pm : Semantics and AI for the exploitation of textual data

QWAM Content Intelligence is a publisher of software solutions for enhancing the value of textual information via its semantic and AI technologies. QWAM Content Intelligence responds to the needs of analysis, exploitation and management of textual data existing within companies and organizations, or available on the web. QWAM is a reference player in artificial intelligence (AI) for automatic language processing (TAL) or NLP (Natural Language Processing). QWAM has identified more than 50 cases of use of these technologies in virtually all sectors and fields of activity (banking, insurance, transport, retail and e-commerce, health/pharmaceuticals, etc., dematerialization, IT, marketing, customer relations, data analytics, HR, compliance, risk analysis, maintenance, etc.).

3.15pm - 3.35pm : Turning a proof of concept into an industrial product

Product innovation has been shaken over the last 5 years, with the emergence of a plethora of off-the-shelf modules and rapid prototyping solutions. Very quickly, the maker arrives at a functional solution, combining powerful electronics, embedded and cloud software, telecommunications and mechanics. The results are spectacular, the fields of application are vast, the market seems immediately within reach...But quickly some difficulties surface: While one wishes to industrialize the product, one discovers a technical debt. How to start again on a good basis and transform a proof of concept into an industrial product ready to be manufactured in volume? Creative Eurecom's engineers will share their experience with you through concrete cases and explain their methodology.

3.40pm - 4.00pm : The challenges of cyber-resilience in a crisis context : how to deal with the resurgence of cyber attacks?

On the announcement of the containment all French companieshave been forced to urgently redesign their telework. Themost were unable to anticipate this exceptional situation and thes are undergoing, as threats multiply and take advantage of thedisorganization.How to protect data and systems during and after the crisis?What are the risks? How to secure home working?




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